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On our way to the winning circle, we only use the best.



American Fishing Wire.
At R.E.P. Lure's, we only use the very best in material's in our fishing lure's.
Thats why for our lure's and leader's, it can only be, American Fishing Wire.
Mustad & Son's.
Setting the hook deep and holding on to the fish depends on the hook strength and how sharp it is.
At R.E.P. our fishing lure's are only fitted with Mustad Hooks, our customers demand the best.
We use Mustad, becouse anything else is just a hook.
Jann's Netcraft.
In order to bring our customer's, the very best lure's, we need the very best of material's.
For the best in quality, lure parts, & material's we depend on Jann's Netcraft.
My Grandfather used Shakespeare, my Father used Shakespeare, I use Shakespeare, it has been a family tradition to use Shakespeare Quality Fishing Rods. Why change a good thing?
Ande Monofilament.
With over 1000 World Record fish caught with Ande Monofilament fishing line. Why would our Pro Staff & Guide's use anything else?
Penn Reel's.
At R.E.P. Lure's, our Pro Staff, depend's on the strength and reliability of these true and tested fishing reels. 20 year's ago my Grandfather traded his old Pflueger Reel in on a Penn, today I still use this very same reel, Penn Reel's, Tested & True.
Kolpin Outdoor's.
Our equipment that we use in the field, is far too valuable to trust just any case or container manufacture, and it is for that reason we use the best in weather proof protection, our choice is Kolpin Outdoor Product's.