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The Verde Brujo healer


Some product's that will be introduced to the market from R.E.P. Lure's & Guide Service.

Field tested for 40 years on Elk, Moose, Mule & Whitetail Deer, bear Pronghorn, preditors and various small game animals..
This new scent bait was developed by D.B.Young, and is a scent that attracts the Deer family, both male and female. pre and post rut season long. 25.00 Per one quart glass mason jar. Made with natural secret plant ingredients found in North American forests.

Over forty years in the perfecting and testing of this natural wildlife attracting formula, has lead to a number of spectacular trophy animals harvested by its use afield in Canada and the United States.
Developed by a Native Shaman, sportsman, hunter, wildlife specialist, and guide, this powerful all purpose attractant works on bear, deer and a variety of small game.
Made from special secret and sacred ingredients found in north American woodlands, it not only brings game in, but will hold their attention with a curiousity for repeated visits to the selected placement location.
Can be used alone, or to accompany an existing bait.

So powerful, only a couple tablespoons are needed at a time, and one jar can last a hunter the entire season.

Comes in a sealed 1 quart glass mason jar, just like actual moonshine of the good ole days.

Go to to see our website developed just for our product Buckshine animal attractant.


( I have only managed to get smaller bucks in the past twenty years that I've hunted. But with Buckshine I have harvested an enormous old buck two years in a row! J.B. Timmie's )

(This stuff is great! One 600 lb black bear and a nice 13 point swamp buck fell to my bow because of Buckshine, and I still have half a jar full left! Very impressive! William R.)

(I've known D.B.Young of R.E.P. Lures near 30 years, and he knows wild animals and what they like. He has gotten more big game trophies himself or helped others with guiding than anyone I know. Sure am glad he is finally letting others share his secret Buckshine attractant.
David C.)

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#2= Hunting & Fishing video.
Over 20 years of hunting and fishing has been put to video for all to enjoy.
See our lures being tested and watch as we track and hunt various game.

#3 Baby Surface Dweller Series.
Small version of the famous Grandads Surface Dwellers, these smaller Dwellers are for Pike and Bass, and will be offered in the same colors as the larger versions.

#4 Outdoor Survival course.

#5 New Youtube series, called = THE SURVIVALIST

#6 D.B. Young is also an ordained Verde Brujo shaman, with over 45 years experience in Native North and South American spiritual herbal healing ways.   Now in his shop he is offering special services for healing, as well, very special wild crafted herbs he himself collects and prepares for sale or inshop healing services.

Call = 715-339-7153 from 7am to 7pm, or email at


 #7 All New kind of expeditions

New expeditions will be held on a regular basis.

Starting in the every spring, 350.00 per car load, or 150.00 per single person will be charged for a weekend adventure on the great bog. This will be a walk in location, but other areas are open for vehicle or camper within walking distance of the main bog camp.

Native calling ceremonies will be held in an attempt to summon the Genosqwa (Sasquatch or forest spirit). I have been instructed and ordained as a Shaman by native Mides to perform these ceremonies for eye opening awareness causing skeptics to leave with a new sight.

Please email if interested at
Serious participants only!


Please stop again, to check for more update's.


Come back soon.