Lurecraft, a family tradition for over 100 years.

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A picture of Grandad, Donald B. Young Sr., with his first Pike, after he returned home from duty in the Navy, during World War 2.

Started with a dream.
The Story of R.E.P. Lures beginning.
All started with a dream & a family tradition of handcrafting fish lures for well over 100 years.
The teachings of lurecraft, have been handed down from father to son, for generations in my family.

Starting at a young age, my grandfather taught me the skills of lurecraft & the most important lesson of making truly effective fishing lures.
And that lesson was to know the fish and its feeding habits, watch those fish and see what they feed on, and keep an eye on how these feeding habits change with the seasons.
Grandfather was right, if you know the fish and their habits, they are very predictable season long.

Sadly my grandparent's have passed away, but not before they left me with all the knowledge and traditional skills, that have made me the master lure craftsman that I am today.

In 1989 I opened, R.E.P. Lures & Guide Service, and dedicated its opening to my grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Young Sr., for their dreams of someday being able to present other fishermen with the opportunity of using effective handcrafted quality fishing lures.

Combined with old fashioned quality craftsmanship & todays modern materials, these lures are stronger and more effective then ever.

Still a favorite of fishermen today, are grandfathers wooden lures called the, Surface Dwellers.
And now the handcarved Surface Dwellers are offered in more colors to choose from.
The new colors stand along side grandfathers, and have been thoroughly field tested with positive fish attracting color patterns.
Grandfather designed the, 6 inch long Surface Dwellers for Musky & Northern Pike, but we have found that Largemouth Bass also find them irresistable.

A smaller 3 inch version of the Surface Dwellers, have been tested and found effective for, Pike & Largemouth Bass.
These smaller handcarved lures are offered in the same colors as the larger versions, and they are called, Grandads Baby Surface Dwellers.

Our most popular and deadly series of handcrafted lures are called the, Tailspin Bucktails.
These lures are offered in 3 colors and 2 sizes.
The Tailspin Bucktails, have been field tested and found to be very effective for catching, Musky, Northern Pike, Large & Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Trout, Salmon, & Striper Bass.

During our field tests with the Tailspin Bucktails, we have found that they have consistently outperformed all other manufactures bucktails on the market.
Unlike other bucktails, the Tailspin Bucktails have the spinner in the rear, giving the lures the appearance of a bait fishs tail.
This special spinner action combined with the deer hair body patterns, have given the lure the name, Tailspin Bucktail.

Many fishermen have said that the Tailspin Bucktails will change bucktail fishing forever, and become a true fishing lure legend.

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