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The Verde Brujo healer


Here are just a few photos, of our guides, with some fish & game.


Jumbo Perch, Caught in local area lake.

Brandon with his 1st nice Walleye

My first sturgeon, thanks to R.E.P. Guides

Don, seen here with one of the many trophy class Sturgeon he has caught & then released. Don has never kept a Sturgeon, he has too much respect for these powerfull fish.

Nice Brook Trout, caught in North Central Wisconsin.

Another wall hanger.

Don, the Owner, Shaman, Lurecraftsman & Guide of R.E.P. Lures, released this nice Smallmouth Bass back into the River.

D.B.Youngs own hand crafted spirit totem beside his shop

Nice stringer of Largemouth Bass, caught on Tailspin Bucktails.

Nice Walleye caught in a local river River & then Released.

One of our better looking Guide's. Carol Young

Released this Largemouth, back into a local lake.

Released this nice Smallmouth Bass, back into the River.

Some nice Brown Trout, caught in a North Central Wisconsin River.

Good start for bow season.

Another nice Walleye fell for a Tailspin Bucktail, in the fast shallow waters of a local River.

Don with his Winning lucky 13 TV Musky.

Released Tiger.

Good day for the Largemouth

Black Crappies caught in a local lake.

Trophy bow kill.

Nice Sturgeon, caught in Secret hole.

Took D.B.Young 4 days to carve the 10 foot tall spirit totem

Nice Channel Cat, caught in a local river hole.

Nice little Pike.

Nice little Buck.

Good day fishing.

Released this Musky, caught in a local flowage.

Trophy 10

Filled all the tag's