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Our Guide's scout year round to assure your success!

Located in North Central Wisconsin, Our Guide Service continue's to get better with each passing year.
Our staff know's where the fish are hiding and what they are feeding on.
If you are not presented with the chance to catch the specie of fish you are after, you don't pay.
Plain and simple!

Whether you are a Fisherman or a Hunter, Our Guide Service staff are Outdoor Specialists on the land and water.
With over 30,000 acres of prime public and private hunting land scouted year round, and over 150 North Central Wisconsin Lakes, Rivers & Streams tested and fished season long, you can't go wrong with a R.E.P. Guide.
If you are not presented with the subject species of your R.E.P.Lures guidance, you don't pay.
We walk the walk & let all the others talk the talk.

Musky Fishing.

The lake's and river's in North Central Wisconsin, are stocked every year with a new supply of this popular gamefish.

Guide Rate = 500.00 Per day,
Per Client.

Walleye Fishing.

The Lake's & River's in our area, are stocked full of trophy class Walleye's. Spring time is often the best time to catch those heavy female's.

Guide Rate = 500.00 Per day,
Per Client.

Northern Pike.

These very aggressive fish, are over stocked in our area, feeding on anything that hit's the water.

Guide Rate = 250.00 Per day,
Per Client.

Crappie & Panfish Fishing.

Fun for kid's, fun for all. Traveling in school's these fish make the day go by fast with the non stop action.

Guide Rate = 250.00 Per day,
Per Client.

Salmon & Trout Fishing.

Our cool Stream's, hold many large trophy class Salmon & Trout, ready for the Fly or regular fishermen.

Guide Rate = 500.00 Per day,
Per Client.

Large & Smallmouth Bass Fishing.

Catch and release from fishermen have made these fish come back strong, and grow to some very impressive size's, a good fight for anyone.

Guide Rate = 500.00 Per day,
Per Client.




Catfish & Sturgeon Fishing.

Very powerful fish, the Sturgeon will be a battle of strength for anyone.
Catfish are in the river's as soon as the water warm's up in the late spring early summer, and will give you a true workout.

Guide Rate = Sturgeon, 500.00 Per day,
Per Client.

Guide Rate = Catfish, rough fish, 200.00 Per day,
Per Client, except during sturgeon season.