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Handcrafted by: Donald B. Young Junior.

R.E.P. Lures Woody Wogs, are a revolutionary proven, tested and effective weedless design.

D.B.Young Jr, took his handcrafted style painted wood lure, and matched it with a weedless hook.

On top of that, R.E.P.Lure's joins forces with Twistertail, making a completed weedless surface lure that resembles live bait, which in turn attracts wary fish to strike.

For this unique design, the R.E.P.Lures Woody Wog's are made from durable dried hardwood then painted one at a time.

The weight of these lures, allow fishermen to cast far, and the hardwood allows the lure to perform with more realistic features.



Please click on photo below for more information, or to order your own Woodywog from our safe secure retail outlet.