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For well over 100 years it has been a family tradition of handcrafting quality fishing lures for our own use.

In 1989 I opened R.E.P. Lures to start sharing these handcrafted lures for all fishermen to enjoy.

A family tradition for over 100 years.

Razors Edge Productions, or R.E.P. Lures and Guide Service, as it's better known.

Is a business I started in a small one room garage as a Sharpening service back in 1989, and dedicated its opening to my Grandparents who raised me with a strong respect for the land and taught me crafts for outdoor survival.

Since that time, the business has slowly grown, adding products and services with knowledge I accumulated from my families generations of instruction.
Sadly my grandparent's have passed away, but not before they left me with all the knowledge and traditional skills, that have made me the master lure craftsman, and wildlife specialist I am today.

The Story of R.E.P. Lures, started with a dream of mine, to use our family tradition of crafting fish lures, wildlife attractants, traps and other devices into a business.
For well over 100 years these crafts have only been a family tradition, shared among our own as craftsmen while sitting around a fire, dinner table or under the ole willow tree while carving wood to life.
Conversations of days afield taught us of the outdoors and wildlife habits family members encountered, making our education more thorough with a deep set respect.

The Young/Drobny family has always been a serious outdoors type people, and the crafts for everyday survival on land or water, was necessary and mastered, then passed down from elder to youth.

I was only a toddler, when my Grandfather began teaching me the skills of lure craft for fish and game.
The most important lesson of making truly effective fishing or animal lures, was to know the individual species, their feeding habits, watch them afield or in waters, and see what they feed on, and keep an eye on how these feeding habits change with the seasons.
Grandfather was right, if you know the wildlife or fish and their habits, they are very predictable season long.

And finally, it was my Great Uncle Frank Drobny, that was our family machanic, keeping all the tractors and equipment running. Frank also had a special skill of putting a razors edge on any tool or knife. I was honored that he taught me this helpful life skill.



                       SHARPENING SERVICE



                                                      Est: 1989

                                    Specializing in:

   Knives of all size. Lathe turning tools/bits. Wood carving tools and chisels. Lawn, garden, farm and forestry tools, plus much much more!!

 ''Prices start at, 1.00 per inch of cutting surface.

                          Phone# 715 339 7153

                                                    Or:stop in at our shop

                           R.E.P.Lures N10919 Cty, Road F.

                             Lugerville Wisconsin 54555



                             R.E.P.LuresTHE FORGE

                 Custom Hand forged knives,

                          weapons and tools.



                             IN SHOP HOURS OF BUSINESS  

     Mon through Fri = 8AM to 6PM / Weekends 8AM to noon     






                      Canine assisted

      wounded animal tracking & recovery

                        250.00 per day, within a 50 mile round trip


       Canine assisted search and rescue 

                  500.00 per day, within a 50 mile round trip



            Precious metals and relic prospecting

Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

For serious fishermen, that demand the very best.

Totaly handcrafted in old world ways with true craftsmanship and pride.

Our Bucktails, Flies & wood hand carved surface lures, have set our standards in quality.

Over 100 years of lurecraft experience in each lure we make.

legends from the past, fished in the present.


 Grandad Donald B Young Sr.


 ''Junior'' Donald B. Young Jr.

Author of two 5 star books.





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